Rocks N Diamonds

Les Bird

Rocks'N'Diamonds for iOS.

This is a port of the PC/Mac/Unix game of Rocks'N'Diamonds. Rocks'N'Diamonds is a game that includes the ability to play many levels from classic games like Emerald Mine (Amiga), Boulderdash (C64), Sokoban and Supaplex.

In Emerald Mine, the player must collect a minimum count of gems in a labyrinth and reach the then-opened gate. Gems, stones, bombs and drips are subject to a vertical gravitation. Furthermore, elements exist which guide the movement of the player like different wall types, and a number of enemies, some of which seek out the player. There are also further elements, like the dynamite which may be exploded at a chosen place, and the doors, for whose passing the matching key must be collected. Solving a level grants access to the next one, and there is a separate highscore list for each level.

Level sets included in this version:
Classic Emerald Mine 1, 2 and 3
Emerald Mine Club sets 1 through 23
Classic Boulderdash
Classic Sokoban
Classic Supaplex

In all, more than 2,000 levels to master.

How to play:
Swipe on right half of screen to move your player.
Tap and hold on left and swipe on right to grab adjacent block.
Swipe down and hold on left side to drop dynamite.
MFi controllers also supported.;