Vanquisher:Global Meltdown - Shooting games 3D

jin shan

Awesome action shooting game now available on App Store !
Background: Our courageous heroine ,working for a mysterious organization—Vanquisher, was appointed to investigate an unknown artificial construction lost on the back of Mars , uncovering more dreadful truth…


- Equiping with various advanced weapons to get unique shooting experience
- Super-real 3D effects and excellent graphics
- Ranged & Melee weapons swiched fluently
- Find the best timing to finish your enemy for more rewards
- Quick dash to attack agilely
- Furious battle rhythm enhanced with great hitting experience
- Various growth lines
- Multiple difficulty models to challenge for the best
- Powerful bosses reinforced with diverse attack modes


- Language: English
- Adapt perfectly to all IOS 8.0 devices and above

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