Super Kung Fu All-Star

InterServ International Inc.

From the creators of the successful Kung Fu All-Star original, comes the brand new chapter in musou kung fu action, with explosive combat, unique graphics and excellent sounds.

● 9 world class martial artists from classic kung fu movies (including Game of Death, Once Upon a Time in China II).
● Unique ancient Chinese scroll art style.
● Unleash martial art combo with elemental effects.
● Soul Burst Limit transforms each fighter into the ultimate beast form!
● 104 single player story campaign stages with two difficulty levels, plus endurance and challenge modes.
● Deep character progression system via skill tree, and unlock your fighter’s inner talents to cater to your play style.
● Includes the iPhone/iPad controller function for Super Kung Fu All-Star Brawl.

*This game is exclusive to the iOS, with zero IAP!;