Swamp Stomp

Intrepid Universe Limited

The SWAMPs of Pangea are full of fantastic fruits - the key to eternal life. But you are not alone in your quest to harvest these sweet treasures...

Go Bananas (and Pineapples!) with SWAMP STOMP. As Fearless Frank you romp through the SWAMP collecting fruit. To thwart you in this task, the marauding Green Gobblers scour the SWAMP trying to knock you out and steel your bananas. You must CLIMB Vine Ladders, JUMP across ravines, RIDE log lifts and navigate each level to WIN! Beware STOMPY the fearsome gorilla. He will STOMP on your head given half a chance so watch out. Good luck!


* SIMPLE gamepad touch control to walk, climb and jump
* INTEGRATED Game Controller support
* 64bit SUPPORT
* Additional ENGAGING levels with any In App Purchase.
* '80s RETRO style graphics and sound
* Immensely FUN and addictive
* UNIVERSAL binary for iPod, iPhone and iPad
* COMPETE for the highest score in Game Center
* Includes PARENTAL GATE for safe in app commerce

Thank you for downloading SWAMP STOMP. Please ENJOY playing and get in touch with your feedback!;