Fractal Combat

OYK Games

"Fractal Combat" is a 3D action-packed futuristic flight combat game for Android devices.

- Spectacular 3D graphics
- 7 unique gorgeous fractal worlds
- Earn new ships, upgrade weapons, generators, radars
- Achievements and Leaderboards
- Epic sound tracks
- Intuitive accelerometer and touch controls
- Game controllers support: MOGA, NVIDIA SHIELD, Nyko and Android HID compatible

- "Fractal Combat might just be the best [arcade flight sim] yet" - Android Police
- "[Graphics] are great and give the appropriate atmosphere to the game" - AppsZoom, 4/5

* As featured in TegraZone
* Play it on NVIDIA SHIELD
* Fractal Combat is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at
* Play Fractal Combat on a big screen HDTV with MHL technology. Check out for details.;