Asteroid Classic 80s space shooter | Alsteroids

RI Play

This is an endless shooter. Your objective is simple - stay alive as long as possible by shooting and avoiding wave after wave of asteroids ... your reward: a high score and bragging rights on the leaderboards.
Your ship can be rotated through 360 degrees and can fire photon torpedoes (up to four on screen at a time). Large asteroids can be broken into two medium size asteroids which in turn can be shot into two smaller asteroids. A wave is over when all asteroids have been cleared.

•Designed for tablets and phones!
•Vector Graphics (HD) option
•Raster / Bitmap Graphics (SD) option
•Multiple Control Layouts
•Parallax Background
•Global Leaderboards
•Haptic (rumble) effects
•Icade support
•No coins needed!;