Asteroids 2 Marauder | retro arcade space shooter

RI Play

On returning from testing the Hyper Jump functionality of your prototype fighter, you discover that your planet has been blown to pieces by the Marauder. With nothing left to live for, you decide to jump the 20 light years to destroy the Marauders home planet of Irata.

Your spaceship can only jump 1 light year at a time so you will face 20 waves of asteroid strewn space wastes and the star forces of the marauder. However, fear not, your prototype fighter has been designed to be upgraded so you can unlock and pick up power-ups. Better yet you can string multiple power-ups together for devastating firepower.

+ Glorious Retro Vector Graphics
+ 7 Power-ups
+ Boss Fights
+ 80's Moroder Inspired Soundtrack
+ Gamepad Support
+ Nvidia Shield Support
+ Fluid Arcade Action
+ No In-game Ads
+ It's Free!;