Cauldron (dungeon crawler)

Kulcsár Tamás

Plague rages across the land, taking countless souls. Herbs and prayers grant no salvation. Conclusion draws near, there must be some dark power behind this disease. Suspected by most, Malbordus the Death Druid, and his hellish magical cauldron must be standing behind all this. This wouldn't be the first time he'd boil a devastating pestilence. A hero must rise, who'll seek out Malbordus at the very depth of his dungeon, and sends him to hell, along with his cursed cauldron...

- Arcade dungeon exploration with Bomberman and RPG elements
- Gameplay of 5-8+ hours
- Retro pixel graphics
- Commodore 64 SID chiptune
- Boss fights and puzzles
- Adventure game elements
- Play with touch / game controller / keyboard
- Discover all secret doors and complete all puzzles to achive a 100% score;