Controller For Bebop

Patrick Goettert

The MFi Controlller support for Parrot’s Bebop Drone.

Ever wanted to use a physical control instead of a virtual one? Want options other than the official Parrot's SkyController? Now you can use your MFi certified controller!

Controller for Bebop uses official Parrot SDK Tools.

-Full Screen view of Bebop’s live video stream.
-Boeing inspired User Interface: Altitude tape; easy intuitive indication of essential flight data(GPS signal quality, Batteries, Wi-Fi connection strength) for both Bebop and your iDevice.
-Manual joystick controls with incremental sensitivity, so that even on high speed configurations you can have fine flightpath control over your Bebop.
-Almost every setting of Bebop can be changed from within the app, even calibration.
-Photo and video management and transfer from within the app.

Controller for Bebop is developed by Wildt-Goettert Aerospace.

*Controller for Bebop requires Bebop’s Firmware greater than 2.0 in order to show video live stream.
*Controller for Bebop is only compatible with MFi EXTENDED Controllers;