Heavy Blade Lite

Chris Egerter

Heavy Blade Lite is a 3D hack and slash dungeon crawler with gorgeous visuals and a heavy rock soundtrack designed to push your hardware to the limit.


- Explore dungeons filled with monsters
- (NEW) 5 collectible weapons each with a unique spell, including fireballs, magic missile, electricity, and ice shards
- (NEW) On screen map for navigation
- Listen for whispers to locate secret doors and hidden areas
- State of the art console quality graphics with unified lighting and shadows never seen before on an IOS device. Per pixel lighting with specular and bump mapping along with 4 dynamic lights with shadow maps bring the world to life.
- Gather loot from dead enemies or barrels and replenish health and mana with potions.
- Playable with the touch screen or third party game controller (recommended).


iPhone 5 and later, iPad 3rd gen and later
MFI Controllers

For more videos and images visit www.HeavyBlade.com;