Magic Light

Trung Kien Tran

Don't let it bounce around and get too dirty because that would be gross, and eyes are delicate.
It's engaging, entertaining, difficult, and probably much nicer than throwing a real eye around. A dark lands with deadly. Pass the shadow dark world to save the eye, striving for survive in a dark world.

- Includes 50 Levels
- Multi Achievement
- Global Leaderboard
- Connect Facebook
- Gamepad support
- Activity feed

- The main goal or the game is to bring a falling eye to the portal avoiding any obstacles. The portal will send to the next level.
- These small light will help you. As soon as you touch on screen, the light starts affecting the eye.
- Red light catch the falling eye and make it swing as a pendulum.
- If you want to increase the force on it, touch the screen with two fingers.
- Green light stop the eye and pull it to themselves.
- If you want to push away, touch the screen with two fingers.
- Blue light stop the falling eye for a short period of time. When the eye is free it will continue to move in the same direction as before.
- If you want to change the direction of movement, touch the screen with two fingers.
- Do you see the stars in the left upper corner? It is okay to let the eye collide with a barrier once per level, but each following collistion will take one star away. Try the pass the level without losing stars.
- Good luck!;