Keep in Mind: Remastered

Akupara Games

If you awoke in a dark world plagued by beasts and demons, what would you do?

Keep in Mind: Remastered follows Jonas, a man haunted by alcoholism, depression, and grief. One night, he awakens to a shadowy mirror world where beasts lurk and the stars don't shine. Lost and scared, Jonas must face all those twisted beasts if he ever wishes to return home and learn the truth about his darkness.

This game was created for those who struggle with mental illness or those who find themselves lost in the dark. This game is meant to be a therapeutic experience. Because of its dark and controversial themes, some audiences may want to be wary. It’s best played in 1 sitting, and will hopefully leave you with a few questions and some insight.

•Critically Acclaimed Story – Join Jonas as he confronts his personal demons in order help save himself from his own destructive alcoholism
•Eerie Soundtrack – Listen to the haunting soundtrack that immerses you in the game
•Memorable Experience - Characters and emotions that will stick with you, long after you complete the game
•Help a Good Cause - By purchasing Keep in Mind: Remastered, Akupara Game's profits are donated to charity, Child's Play;