Monster Roadkill

Kyanite Games Inc

Monsters have infested the island and it is up to you to stop them! Drive one of 6 vehicles, equipped with missiles, a flamethrower, jet engine, or laser guns, or just hit them with your car.

Monster Roadkill is an exciting action adventure driving game that combines zombies and cars and guns in a massive 3D environment.

• Unlock 6 different cars
• 4 controls to chose from: tilt, touch, or tablet, and support for MFi controllers
• Zombies!
• Big explosions
• Huge island to explore
• Drive into monsters to kill them
• Heatseeking missiles
• Flamethrower
• Laser guns
• Hidden boss level (hint: you will need the hover car to find it)

Created by Robert Quinn at age 16.;