Baby RPG


Baby RPG is a simple but insightful dungeon crawler in a maze, a kind of Role Playing Game. With dynamically generated levels and simple but joyful touch user interface. It is playable by the youngest of RPG fans and supports Mfi Bluetooth game controllers.

You play as Focus, the avatar and point of view.

Your role is to find your inner peace by achieving total and unfettered understanding of the Objective Reality, who, - according to some, is the ever-changing three-state object.

You have to learn much in order to defeat Fear, who is related to Danger in the same way as Pain is related to Damage, and who is one of the many obstacles in the game of Life.

Your Focus will automagically grow stronger as it gains Memory, but you can learn to affect what you spend your Memory on. Memory is gained by interacting with the game world.

Press and hold on your Focus to check its elements and affect them.

When your Love for Life drops to zero, your Focus will reincarnate as the next generation. The game reality will reset and you will be back at the beginning, with your Memories as before reincarnation, but the world will be much different now. Your accumulated Wealth will help you in early start if you transform it to Will.

Health is linked to your Love of Life.

Light (Speed) and Force are linked to your Memory gain ability.

Will will let you cast Teleport when you reincarnate. Will can be purchased with Wealth but it cannot be sold. Do not trust it will stay the same.

Wealth can be used for purchasing Will.

Memory can be traded for Love of Life, Speed and Force and is gained from interfering with objects in game reality.

In Focus menu you can Reset Dungeon, Restore Purchases, Send Feedback via email or join Gathering, private online forum based on and Golden Rule.

Reset Dungeon will keep all Focus stats intact but the old game world and all objects in it will be forgotten.

From the Focus menu you can you can also enter the Gathering, a private internet forum in which you can only participate if you agree to follow Ultimate Law as per

RPG is free or at times the modest non-zero amount of money Apple App Store can charge.

Venturing into Deep Levels will cost you the modest non-zero amount of money Apple App Store can charge, or at times nothing at all.

Restore Purchases should propagate purchase of Deep Levels and other future modules to all devices linked to the account which was used for the purchase.

I always appreciate your Feedback, please and thank you, but you will have to pass the Bloody Gate of Math first ;]

Music by the legendary Scorpik of Alchemy Pany! Toggle on / off in Long Press Menu on Focus in empty location.;