Mad Agents

Startled Monocle

"the game itself is brilliant" - psj3809, TouchArcade Moderator

"I'm really, really digging the game." -metalcasket, TouchArcade Moderator

"This is definitely one of my favorite games of the year so far." syntheticvoid, TouchArcade Forums

"Keep the content coming, you have a winner here. THANK YOU!" -the 30 pack, App Store Reviewer

"cant wait to see more from this dev. 5/5 thanks" -psj3809, Touch Arcade Moderator

As an agent for the Intergalactic Defense, you are trained to outsmart and defeat enemies of the Alien Galactic Alliance. On a seemingly average day of work, you arrive late to Headquarters, as usual, but find that your coworkers are under attack! Your friends are taken hostage and you must rescue them by navigating the enemy-riddled tunnels beneath Headquarters.

Your mission: Use power-ups, stealth, and cunning to disable enemies and rescue your friends through 54 levels and 6 boss levels. Collect all 180 gems while you're at it.

• Universal app
• Game progress automatically synced on all your devices with iCloud
• 60 Levels
• Head-to-Head 2 Player Mode via Game Center
• Controls designed to accommodate for ergonomic differences between the iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini
• MOGA ACE™ POWER and the Logitech PowerShell Controller Support!;