Welcome to DragonPark!
3D action open world adventure! Fight for survival!
Find hidden 5 dragons and beat them!

There are mountains, river, sea, trees that you can climb, lava, poison pond, shops, foods, and more in this world!
There are no hidden walls, you can walk anywhere you want.

When you walk or run, you feel hungry.
If you eat some foods , LIFE is restored.
There are many foods apple, tomato, cabbage, ... and more.

This game supported MFi game controller.

- Action Button (A button)
- Jump Button (B button)
- Menu Button (Y or pause button)
- Camera Change Button (X button)
- Back Camera Button (L-R shoulder button)

You can save game anywhere from menu button.
If you use game controller, you can select menu with L-R shoulder or x and y button.

No additional network loading, you can play right now when you download.;