Angel Adventures

Ravn Studio AS

Buckle up and be part of a daring and compelling adventure!

From the Scandinavian region of adventurous explorers and tasteful design, comes a multiple award winning, innovative, enjoyable and original game engineered to bring out the best in you.

If you are a fan of swashbuckling adventures, then this fun-packed game is a must buy.

Angel Adventures is an internationally acclaimed and multiple award winning adventure game featuring mischievous angels, fierce pirates, dangerous dragons and ice monsters! Story, visuals, game play, music – everything is top notch and delivers a bounty of beautiful, creative, engrossing play.

This epic journey into magical worlds, made by one of the most experinced gameproduction companies in Norway will steal hours of your time, hours so full of superb gaming that you will never forget them.

There is a lot to do in massive open worlds, and the game exudes a charm that quickly sweeps away any frustrations. Outmaneuver your enemies, help charming characters in distress and let your two angels collaborate on tasks using individual strengths.

- Award winning
- Charming player characters
- Full of exciting surprises
- Awards collaboration and risk taking
- The best villains and courageous princess pirates
- Three colorful, fantastic game worlds
- Catchy game play and cool characters
- Original music
- Stunning open world
- Everyone speaks English
- Full support for game controllers as well as touch screen controls.
- Optimized for intergenerational play

Trampolina the Pirate Princess and two impatient, adorable angels are waiting for you! So hurry up!

Note: iPad 3/iPhone 5 or newer required.;