LowRes Coder - Program retro games in BASIC!

Timo Kloss

"So you wanna learn to code, but you just can’t find the time? LowRes Coder might be what you’ve been waiting for."
– gamezebo.com

"Even if you’re not into coding right now, the app lets you play tons of games on the community, till you get an idea of how easy it is to make them."
– igyaan.in

"I especially like the minimalist approach, other Basic apps are crammed with completely senseless illustrations. Here you have only code, pixels and games."
– nerdcore.de

Play homegrown retro games and program your own directly on your iPad or iPhone!
- Run your programs on a virtual game console, inspired by 8- and 16-bit systems.
- Write in a dialect of the classic, easy to learn BASIC programming language.
- Share your programs with the LowRes Coder community and play other members' games.
- Play with your MFi game controller.

The download is free and all programs can be played without limits. Your own programs have a limit of 24 lines, until the app gets upgraded to the full version with a one-time in-app purchase.;