Epic Space Battle

Alan Webster

A fast and intense arcade space battle game. Warp into battle as Blue Leader. Alongside the Blue Fleet you must destroy the enemies warp gate and defeat the Red Fleet.

*Select up to 96 Fighters on screen simultaneously! *iPhone 5s and higher
**Recommended up to 48 Fighters on screen simultaneously! **iPad 2

Gameplay Tips
• To control music swipe up from the centre bottom of your device to access Control Center or double tap your home button and navigate to your music app
• Adjust the team sizes for varied gameplay
• Reduce team sizes for lower performance devices: iPad 2 = Max 48 / iPhone 5 and higher = Max 96
• Reducing thrust and turning hard is often the best way to evade a 'locked on' enemy fighter
• Increase thrust and fly through warp gate to evade and often destroy 'locked on' enemy fighters
• Your ship can carry up to twelve missiles pick them up from your warp gate and lock on to multiple targets
• Destroy the enemy warp gate to prevent enemy fighters warping into battle
• Be aware, points are also deducted when the allied warp gate receives any damage
• Challenge friends with Game Centre Leaderboard to beat your high scores

Epic Space Battle is the first in a series of games designed for mobile devices to give a Quick Fix in times of need. Whether you're waiting for a train or busting a dook, jump straight in for instant action.

No story to follow
No progress to keep track off
No In-App purchases
No Advertisements
No connection required to play
No bags of gold or crates of gems to purchase and drain your bank account!
Just plain and simple good old fun;