Robin Of The Wood (ZX Spectrum)

Jonathan Needle

Can you help Robin in his quest for the silver arrow?

The original 1985 ZX Spectrum game from Odin Computer Graphics now available to play on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad!

• Play in portrait or landscape orientations
• Save your game progress (four saved game slots + one iCloud saved game slot per game).
• Save your progress to iCloud from one device (e.g. iPod) and load to continue playing on another (e.g. iPad).
• Enter pokes (cheats) for infinite lives, health etc.
• Lookup game hints, tips and maps
• Play in black and white with TV screen simulation for the ultimate 1980s experience!
• Choose authentic cassette loading or fast play
• Play using an external arcade controller (iOS Game Controller, iCade or iControlPad)


"The Bishop and other characters are fantastically animated and when you get into the castle the colour used is amazing. This game is one of the most addictive I’ve played and I would recommend it to anyone." - 94% (CRASH Magazine, December 1985)

*** This game is also available as part of the Spectaculator, ZX Spectrum Emulator app (as an in-app purchase) along with eight other classic games from Odin Computer Graphics Ltd ***;