Domingo Verrascina

This App will let you fly your Bebop Drone in a natural way, simple and easy, using only one hand.
Just tilt your device and the drone will "Mimic" the movements.
Push the "Me" button and the drone will point at you.
Combining "Mimic" and "Me" gives you a unique, sensitive kind of control that you will enjoy, "looking the drone and not the phone"

Intuitive Flying with device sensors
One hand operation !
"Follow Me"
"Escort Me" (Follow Me from any point)
"Dronie" (Drone Selfie) automatic transfer when you shoot a Photo
Altitude Automatic Corrections using barometer from iDevice
GPS and Flight Operation based on Activity Monitor
Distance Alarm
Dynamic Home Position
Time-Lapse Photo mode
"Elevator" moving up and down automatically
Bebop1 & Bebop2 Compatible

enjoy your Bebop Flight!;